Price Lists and Purchasing

​     Thank you for your interest in Acadiana Sportpics, L.L.C.  We are happy to provide the service of giving you the memories of the people in the local area in pictures.  All of the vendors that Acadiana Sports Pics, L.L.C. uses are national photography labs that print pictures. Because of this there are a few things that you can do to help us provide you with better service.  If you know of a local lab that you have been pleased with in the form of your pictures please let us know at [email protected].  We want to keep our business in the Acadiana area and would love the opportunity to work with local people versus the national companies. 

Digital Downloads 

     Due to rising print costs and the shipping associated with these costs offers the option of digital downloads of all of it's images.  This allows you, our customer, the option to take your pictures and bring them anywhere that offers print services to have your images printed.  You also now have your images in digital format so it can be saved to your enjoyment for years after your printed image may have faded away.  The digital download is typically the first option available in your shopping cart. 


     If you are interested in buying multiple downloads from a game(s) we have discounts available.  Here are the codes and discounts that are available:

Purchase 11-20 images:  Receive a 20% discount.  Use code: pics20 at checkout

Purchase 21-40 images:  Receive a 30% discount.  Use code: pics30 at checkout

Purchase 41-60 images:  Receive a 40% discount.  Use code: pics40 at checkout

Purchase 61-90 images:  Receive a 50% discount.  Use code: pics50 at checkout

DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLY TO: Prints, game faces, posters, Senior Sessions, Senior Extras

Event Package Coupons

If you are interested in buying multiple downloads from an  event we have discounts available.  Here are the codes and discounts that are available:

Spend $30-$50 and receive a 15% discount: Use code:  EVENT 15

Spend $50 or more and receive a 25% discount.  Use code:  EVENT25



      We need you to remember that these pictures that are posted for you are taken with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Unfortunately, many of these pictures are taken at night or in very badly lit gymnasiums throughout the area.  This is important because our photographers are not allowed to shoot using flash photography.  The use of flash in sporting events are prohibited due to the safety of the athletes participating in the sports.  Because of these conditions, the pictures taken may not always be studio grade quality.  So please make sure that you will be happy with your pictures before your purchase. 


     Lastly, we do offer retouching services and artistic services for your convenience.  Retouching will not always turn the image into studio quality but will improve the images and can help with skin blemishes, stray hairs, etc.  Want a picture in black and white?  Want a glory picture?  Want to give the image of your athlete that antique look.  Between your imagination and our photographers there are very few limits.  Pricing for both services are listed in the cart.  Email us and let's see what we can do to add that extra touch to your images. 

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