We are pleased to team up with La Prospects to offer team unique composite images for the winter season.  To make it easier we created this page to answer the most often asked questions for you here.  If you have any additional questions you can always email us at [email protected]


1.  When do we take the team picture?

Our process of taking team and individual images is different than most photographers.  To make it easier and to make sure that we have everyone in the team picture and not making faces or looking off, or eyes closed we shoot all athletes individually and the "composite" the team after the shoot so even if you are not interested in pictures please make sure your athlete takes their images.


2.  Is there an order form?  

Answer:  Our company has always been a contact-less free ordering process.  We do not do order forms and all orders are placed online through our website.  


3.  Will I be able to see proofs?

Answer:  Due to the time and expense of putting these packages together you must pre-order your package.  Once all of the packages are assembled we send out emails to all parents who order an image package for review.  If you are unhappy at that time you can cancel your order.  We have created 1000's of these image packages with less than 5 cancellations.  Parents love our images!!


4.  When will I receive my images?

Currently if we don't face any issues we will deliver all image packages by the 25th of February.  



Visit this page for more information: